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About the Gift Shops at Via Christi

Via Christi Gift Shop is owned and operated by nonprofit organizations of volunteers dedicated to the Mission and ministry of Via Christi: in Wichita, Via Christi Volunteers; in Manhattan, Mercy Auxiliary; and in Pittsburg, Via Christi Volunteers and Auxiliary. All proceeds from your purchase are donated back to a Via Christi Hospital to enhance patient and family care.

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Meet the Florist

Ann Blick is the Via Christi floral designer who makes customers’ wishes and dreams a reality. Whether small or large, Ann treats each order as a personalized request meant to help the spirits of a beloved friend or family member in Via Christi hospitals.

Here are five questions with Ann:

What’s your background?

“I have a BA in communications from Newman University with an emphasis in photography, theater and speech. While I was in college I worked as a photographer, cake decorator and balloon artist. I decided I wanted to learn floral design as well so I took a job at a local florist. I worked there for several years before I moved to Arizona, where I worked at an interior design and retail shop. When I eventually returned to Kansas, I worked as a designer, painter and interior decorator before I eventually opened my own business, AK Blick Designs. I was offered this job at Via Christi about a year later. I am thrilled to have been chosen to be the floral coordinator for Via Christi.”

How do you describe your design style?

“I consider floral design to be an art form. I think of a floral design as a living sculpture within a space. I look at other forms of art and architecture to draw inspiration. My particular flair is always airy and open with a stroke of whimsy. Although I am well-schooled in the basic concepts of floral design, I challenge myself to move above and beyond to create arrangements that compliment a client’s request.”

What is the best part of your job?

“Even though I spend most of my day in the design room, I work just enough with patients and their families to find my career rewarding in a new way. In floral design the designer is always trying to convey a message and an emotion with the arrangement they are creating for another person. I am finding that the hospital setting is filled with the full spectrum of emotions. While it is the health care professional’s job to help heal the body of a patient, it is my job as a floral artist to help heal their soul.”

What are your favorite flowers to work with?

“I love magenta dendrobium orchids. In fact, anything magenta is quite all right with me. I also enjoy apricot calla lilies, dark orange roses, and hydrangea in all colors. My favorite botanical is a croton plant. I also like palms and ferns.”

What keeps you busy when you’re not working?

“I am married to Andrew Blick and our children are Aidan and Avery. We have been married 16 years. Andy is a welder and graphic designer and antique car nut. We also have a rescue dog named Schroeder, who is 14.”